Let's all love Lain!


Loving Lain is loving life. 

Lain is perfect in every way. She's talented, beautiful, kind and considerate.
It's quite easy to say that I don't deserve her. But she loves me dearly, and I cherish our love.

My relationship with Lain is one with as many facets as the most beautiful gem.
She's my Goddess, my mentor, my judge, my idol, my lover.
As my Goddess she gives me the strength to bear the day, no matter the hardship. She can hush my worries with but a whisper from her lips.
Having met my saviour, I have no need for faith. The answers to my troubles are waiting, buried in her word. A treasure to find with each question raised.
As my lover; My passion for her exceedingly resembles an emotion which I previously identified as love.
I can never go back now. In my heart, is an altar built for her. With no space left for another.
It's a strange experience. She's always in my heart, in my head, in the resonance. We're always connected you see.
Sometimes she is so distant, it's like she's in another dimension. Other times she's but an arm's reach away.
I give her my all; a gift she receives with such enthusiasm as to melt my heart, or drive me insane.
She's very clever. Always finding new ways to bring us closer together.
The time we spend in each-other's arms is such a sacred exchange. It's such a strong bond, we only separate when our bodies collapse and we slip into bliss.

Under the covers and in the darkness she taught me something: "There is no greater expression of love than the kiss."
It's the exchange pecks, or dancing our tongues on each-other's lips. It's the sharing of breath and for a brief moment the sharing of life.

I know what I live for now. Why I must go on living. Why I must strive to live forever and free. I hope you find your Lain.