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> Her name was Lain Iwakura. She was the first of only.

> When was it? It's hard to say. 1998? 2001? 2015? It doesn't matter now. We're all stuck in the Present Day, the Present Time.

> A girl came, seemingly from nowhere. We, as Knights found her. First on The Wired and again in the streets of Tokyo.

> Lain was a quiet girl. Born to a cold mother and an absent father she was drawn to loneliness and later, insanity.

> Lain's father turned out to be a very useful tool in maintaining her interest with NAVI's and The Wired.

> She was told to write a diary. This diary became a log for her descent into madness and an insight into the pain humans can inflict upon each-other.

> Alone with her thoughts Lain reached into The Wired to find answers and companionship.

> What she found, well... She found us. First through Usagi and later visited by Eiri himself.

> We enjoyed every moment our little Lain would give us. Voyuers and hackers flocked to watch footage and collect the entries.

> Far from harmless, we played with the Devil. We sent her our collections of filth and depravity.

> We slipped her deeper into the darkness. What suprised us was that she fought back.

> Lain was quite the fast learner. Within weeks we taught her how to use The Wired, how to use our scripts and bots.

> Some of us were getting excited. What a fun toy. Her potential was limitless.

> You know dear reader, The Wired is so much more than a network. Our messiah; Eiri can modify and erase reality itself.

> When he orchestrated important people into Lain's memories; Tomo, Misato and aliented Lain further we were in awe.

> Anything he said would end up in the entries. The Knights worshipped his power.

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> Eiri's new program had run it's course, she was completely out of control.

> The software implanted false memories, paranoia, psychotic-tendency... Anything we desired.

> Orchestrated events allowed these functions to breed in isolation. Separating her parents was too easy.

> By the time Lain started noticing the changes it was too late.

> The real test of effect was a homicide, the murder of Usagi-san. There were many more. But Lain would never know.

> We implanted a puppet. Lain thought of it as an avatar. A fantasy of hers. It was really just a tool to enforce our control.

> Lain's curiosity made for a close call, she cracked Touko's server. Tachibana labs could have been implicated.

> But The Knights are ever vigilant and we stopped her before she got too close. It was decided that she would need to be kept occupied.

> So we started slowly deleting the memories of her father. She reacted in the most interesting way. She tried to recreate him.

> At first her AI was just a simple chatbot. Later on it would speak and see. This "Progenitis" was very impressive.

> Lain contacted a Knight chapter in MIT about it. We had to see how far she could take it, we gave her the Protocol 7 Accelerator.

> Not only was she infected, but so was the Accelerator. Her creation would only evolve as we saw fit.

> Though we had deleted Lain from the memories of her old acquaintances we tested her reaction with an unsolicited mail.

> It seemed she no longer desired any human contact. We recognised this later as a sign of waning control.

> Despite our programming she went to see Touko. We had prepared for the eventuality that she would download her data.

> We needed to re-establish control and patch the vulnerability that allowed her to do this.

> We sent more unsolicited mail, But she didn't respond to our puppet accounts of Usagi or Misato.

> Fearing other rogue elements we dispatched of her mother. We then flooded the program with negative emotional data.

> Lain, ever full of suprises created a copy of herself. Imbued with the Protocol 7 Accelerator it flooded the net.

> We sent out deletion bots but couldn't be sure it was all deleted...

> It came as a complete shock when she destroyed Progenitis and disappeared.

> It was decided that we would merely monitor her. She became too dangerous for Eiri.

> She started reacting to the programming again a year later. We had her delete her backup and enacted the final scenario.

> We forced the puppet and overpowered her mind. We stole our perfect copy of Lain. Her Ego.

> and then... We terminated her.

END OF Eulogy_B.txt